A-bungalow 36

Use of garden furniture

In order to be able to enjoy our garden furniture with you for a longer period of time, we would like to ask you to ensure that:

• the chairs at the dining table are folded and placed under the shelter if rain is expected for a longer period of time.
• the chairs or seat by the pond do not blow away in case of strong wind.
• DO NOT move the dining table as it is very heavy. For small movements, please LIFT the table and do not slide it.

Thank you very much.


Instruction for using the gas stove

When leaving:
Temperature knob: always set to 1. High summer the heater will be off.

Controlling heat:
Temperature knob has position 1 to 7 to regulate heat output.

1. Open the gas valve, the gas valve is open when the knob with the 'point' points to the wall.

2. Turn the temperature knob (= large control knob) to the 'asterisk' position and press it in. Gas will now flow to the pilot burner.

3. Press the small button (the ignition button) with the red dot a few times. A spark will now jump to the pilot burner.
If the pilot light burns (this is very difficult to see, so it is a matter of trial and error) then keep the large control knob pressed for at least another 1 minute.

4. Then release the temperature knob and turn it up to position 6 / 7. At this position it will be clear whether the stove has been switched on or not.
If it is on, you can regulate the heat with the temperature knobs 1 to 7.

Warning! If the lighting does not succeed in 1 time then you must leave about 5 minutes between the different attempts.

Switching off:
If it is too hot to keep the stove burning at the lowest setting then it can be turned off.
1. Turn the temperature knob to the 'round' position. 
2. Turn the gas valve a quarter turn. This turns off the gas tap.